Cooperative Marketing Partnership

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About our Cooperative Marketing Partnership

At ICAM, we’re always looking for new ways to build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with our industry-leading clients. As part of this ongoing effort, we’ve developed an extensive Cooperative Marketing Partnership, designed to suit the individual needs of our varied client base. By taking part in this initiative, you’ll be provided with enhanced market visibility, rich multi-platform content & substantial cost savings, in exchange for insight into your manufacturing process, the difficulties you’ve faced, and how ICAM’s product range has resolved them.

Gain Rich Multi-Platform Content

With what we learn through the information you provide, we create various types of marketing content that serves to highlight your services & specializations, as well as how integrating ICAM’s product range has been beneficial to your operations. This content can come in the form of video testimonials, long-form blog articles, short-form social media content and much more.

Increase your Market Visibility

The content having been created, we then move on to the publishing segment of our partnership. We tap in to our extensive network of magazines and other publishing outlets to distribute the content in question. This is where the depth and pertinence of the insight you provide at the start plays an enormous role. The richer the information, the wider the impact it will have on potential customers.

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Automating Toolpath Optimization

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Bridging Machine Communication Gaps

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Reduce the Cost of your Next Purchase

As an incentive for you participation in the Cooperative Marketing Partnership, you can benefit from cost savings on future or pending purchases from us, the scale of which is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Your Role in the Process

Your level of engagement in the partnership will ultimately determine the format, quality and reach of the content we create. For example, a testimonial video will require you to grant us permission to record inside your facility and a certain amount screen-time for employees involved in NC programming.

You’ll also be asked to answer questions like:

  • What services & specializations does your business offer?
  • What prompted you to look for an NC post-processing and/or simulation solution?
  • How did you hear about ICAM?
  • How has ICAM’s software been able to address the issues you had identified?

Looking to Take Part in our Cooperative Marketing Partnership?

To find out more about this and other partnership opportunities, fill out the form to the right or call your regional sales representative at 1 (800) 827-4226. We’re always look to build new bridges between ourselves and our clients.

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