Maximize the performance of your 3-axis machines with ICAM’s M3 Adaptive Post-Processor

This special bundle includes a custom 3-axis post-processor, integrated G-code simulator and advanced optimization modules designed to automatically optimize positioning tool-paths, eliminate air-cuts and adjust feed-rates according to the cutting depth of the material.



A robust and reliable post-processing solution with industry-proven results

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Virtual Machine

Machine Simulation

Accurate, capable machine simulation that quickly identifies collisions over-travels and much more.

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Tool-Path Optimization

A complete suite of powerful tool-path and feed-rate optimization solutions.

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The Problem with Traditional NC Programming

The traditional CNC machine programming methodology requires a number of sequential steps to produce production-ready G-code from your CAM system. These steps normally include NC post-processing and G-code verification. The G-code verification software generates an error report suggesting changes to the original part program. This report is then analyzed, which results in revisions to the part program and then the cycle repeats itself until we are content with the G-code for a given CNC machine. This is a manual, time-consuming, costly and ineffective process, which drives up the cost of programming and production.

Smart Solutions, Substantial Savings

This integrated solution allows for the real-time evaluation of feedback from the post-processor and machining simulator to automatically create an optimized NC program for a target CNC machine. This occurs all in one step and in one process allowing CAD/CAM users to automatically and efficiently reduce NC programming and machining cycle time by up to 35%.

Supports the Brands You Know and Trust

ICAM’s 3-axis Adaptive Post-Processing solution supports CATIA V5, 3D Experience, SIEMENS NX, Powermill, creo, Mastercam, as well as major controller brands such as FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, Mazak, Haas, SIEMENS, Fagor, Fadal, Fidia and more. Looking for Adaptive Post-Processing for multi-axis applications? Additional information can be found at

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No matter your specific manufacturing needs and constraints ICAM’s team of CNC Simulation & Verification specialists can provide you with the ideal solution. They will take the time to understand and evaluate your existing process in order to deliver the most powerful and refined post-processing simulation solution possible.

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