Partnership Opportunities


Looking to diversify your CAD/CAM product & service offering?

Over the last 45 years, we’ve created a global network of authorized resellers that have deepened their post-processing and machine simulation expertise by offering ICAM solutions to their customer base. These partners have a bonafide track record filled with successful implementations and timely, qualified  end-user support.

Partners receive the following benefits to assist with the marketing, sales and support services of ICAM products including:

  • Marketing support
  • Co-op Marketing Activities
  • Sales support
  • Product discounts
  • Resource availability
  • Technical Support

In return, Partners agree to bring specific elements of their expertise to the relationship, including:

  • Actively promoting the sales of ICAM’s post-processing solutions and services in their territory, market segment and industry.
  • Maintain certification of ICAM’s products, sales and support training for dedicated personnel.
  • Ensure at least one ICAM certified technical support contact is trained and available for Customer enquiries.
  • Providing all first level support calls for customers.
  • Providing customers with up to date information regarding ICAM’s products and services.

Discover ICAM’s commitment to building and supporting partnerships that enable you to reach your goals and succeed in your business objectives.

Get 10% when a lead you’ve referred purchases on of our solutions.

To qualify, registered Lead Referral Partners complete and submit our Lead Referral Notification Form. You will be notified that we have received the lead and that the opportunity has been qualified and added to our Lead Tracking database. When the opportunity closes into a sale, you are given a referral fee.

To register any leads you feel could benefit from the advantages of this program, please complete and submit the referral notification form. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3rd Party Technology License Program

ICAM’s 3rd Party Technology License Program allows CAD/CAM developers, machine tool builders and controller manufacturers to integrate ICAM’s software directly into their unique technologies. Your customers can benefit from advanced NC post-processors, g-code simulation and tool-path optimization directly within your product offerings; allowing you to offer a complete solution while differentiating yourself among competitors. For more information on our 3rd Party License Program fill out the form by clicking the button below. For your reference, a brief description of our available technologies have been highlighted below.

Advanced Technology Solutions

CAM-POST® – from simple 2 and 3 axis to complex multi-axis application CAM-POST is an NC post-processing development software compatible with all major CAD/CAM systems, machine tools and controllers.

Virtual Machine® – graphical machine tool simulator depicting the operations and motions of CNC machines; thereby, allowing for the unique ability to detect and automatically correct collisions and over-travel block by block during post-processing.

Control Emulator™ – software allowing NC programmers to verify and test NC programs using g-code inside Virtual Machine®

SmartPATH® (patented) generates new optimized and efficient positioning tool-paths while avoiding over-travel and collisions. It also eliminates your time consuming dependency on inefficient and unsafe RAPID or high-feed positioning motions generated by CAM systems.

SmartCUT™ eliminates time wasting “air-cuts” by using material removal simulation to detect when the tool is not engaged with the material and moving at a cutting feed. Where feasible, SmartCUT will change these air-cut motions to RAPID or high-feed; thereby, significantly reducing machining cycle time.

SmartFEED™ optimizes cutting feed-rates by using material removal simulation to automatically recalculate the best machining feed-rate based on the machine tool capabilities, tool reference cuts and the real-time engagement of the cutting tool in the in-process stock material.