Custom Mastercam Post-Processor

With Machine Simulation & Optimization

Go from Mastercam File to Optimized G-Code in One Simple Step

Traditional Mastercam post-processors simply convert your files to G-Code, leaving you to detect collisions & over-travels with external applications. This creates a cycle of modification, testing, re-modification and retesting that’s both ineffective & time-consuming.

ICAM’s Mastercam post-processor solution completely eliminates those repetitive steps by merging post-processing, machine simulation & tool-path optimization into one convenient process called Adaptive Post-Processing™.

You simply provide the Mastercam file and our Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution returns fully-optimized production-ready G-Code with up to 35% time savings in programing and machine cycle time.

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Integrated into Mastercam Thanks to a Strong Partnership

ICAM’s solutions are integrated within the software in close collaboration with Mastercam. This allows NC programmers to use the interfaces and tools they are already familiar with and extract tool, part and stock data, for use in machine simulation, with unparalleled ease.

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Supports CNC Controllers & Machines from all Major Manufacturers

Using detailed machine kinematic specifications, ICAM’s Mastercam post-processor can generate fully-optimized, production-grade G-Code for any CNC machine-controller pair thanks to our Adaptive Post-Processing™ technology.

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Choose Only the Features Your Business Needs

With or without machine simulation & advanced tool-path optimization, ICAM’s Mastercam post-processors are built using only the technology that respond to the particular needs and challenges of your unique manufacturing process.


All of ICAM’s custom post-processing solutions are built using CAM-POST® by experienced & qualified engineers, leading to powerful post-processing results and compatibility for all major CAD/CAM/PLM Systems, CNC machines & controllers.

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Machine Simulation

Run graphical simulations to test your Mastercam programs for collisions & over-travels during post-processing. Virtual Machine® also features advanced material removal verification, the ability to record simulations and much more.

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G-Code Simulation

G-Code simulation at its finest, ICAM’s Control Emulator™ with Virtual Machine® verifies the NC Code produced by the post-processor to detect collisions and other errors. Built with detailed machine dimensional and kinematic specifications, you can trust Control Emulator™ to resolve problems before they occur.

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Tool-Path Optimization

Automatically adjust feed-rate, eliminate time-wasting air-cuts and find the optimal path for rapid movements with SmartPACK, our lineup of advanced optimization technologies wrapped into one convenient package.

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Get Mastercam Post-Processor Training & Consulting from Those Who Know

ICAM consultants are available to coach and mentor NC programmers with proven best practices. ICAM’s specialized services provide the ideal next step for NC resources that have completed the NC Fundamentals training course and want to apply theory to practice for specific projects and CNC equipment needs.

Benefits include bottom line cost savings and improvements in the following areas: shortened implementation cycle and learning curve, hands-on results, greater skill retention and software usability and overall NC programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency.

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A Mastercam Post-Processor With a Proven Track Record

ICAM’s Mastercam post-processor solutions have lowered costs for countless satisfied customers around the world. From automotive to aerospace and everything in between, manufacturers in all industry sectors can benefit from the advantages of ICAM’s Adapative Post-Processing™

“Working out any post issues was quick since we worked directly with ICAM’s post engineers, who responded quickly with changes, or explanations,” said Jerry Gustafson. “ICAM’s engineers are very knowledgeable and helpful and the sales representative that managed our account contacted us regularly to make sure we were satisfied with the post.  I look forward to work with ICAM on new projects the future.”

Jerry Gustafson, NC Programmer at VMS

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