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Thousands of companies already rely on ICAM and CGTech solutions everyday.

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Shared data for both post-processor and Virtual Machine Configuration (VMC) aka “digital twin”.

Reduced Cost

ICAM uses VERICUT digital twins to configure post-processors for faster delivery.

Direct Collaboration

CGTech works directly with ICAM engineers when developing VMCs.

The traditional manufacturing process is no longer competitive

ICAM and CGTech Traditional manufacturing process chart

Once a part has been designed and subsequently programmed in a CAM system, a post-processor converts the CAM output into machine-readable commands. The “posted” program is then loaded onto a CNC machine for the first “prove-out” prior to production machining. This time-consuming and iterative step is often done by single-stepping through individual lines of code or turning feed rates down. When a potential problem is spotted, the machine is stopped to investigate. Once all areas of concern are eliminated and the part is confirmed to be within dimensional tolerance, production machining can finally continue.

Now, there is a better way!

With an ICAM Post-Processor and CGTech’s VERICUT Machine Simulation

ICAM and CGTech New manufacturing process chart

Modernizing the Digital Manufacturing Process with ICAM and VERICUT

ICAM has been building world-class custom CNC post-processors for over 50 years. With in-depth machining and industry knowledge, partnerships with major CAM systems, and exclusive CAM-POST development platform, ICAM builds exceptional posts for all major machine tools and CNC controller brands, including all classes of CNC equipment featuring any combination of rotary heads and/or rotary tables such as:

Mills, Lathes, Horizontal/ Vertical Machining Centers, Merging Lathes, Multi-Tasking Mill/ Turns, Punch Presses, Wire EDMs, Water Jet Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Plasma & Flame Cutters, Hybrid and Special CNCs.

About CGTech

Since 1988 CGTech’s product, VERICUT® software, has become the industry standard for simulating CNC machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency. VERICUT enables NC programmers to reduce prove-outs, virtually eliminate errors, and optimize NC programs for faster, more efficient machining. It moves the prove-out process up into the design and planning phase, freeing up expensive CNC equipment for production machining.

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ICAM Technologies and CGTech are now working together to provide world-class digital manufacturing solutions. Our bundled solutions allow you to receive your Post-Processor and VMC faster and at a reduced cost than when purchased separately.

Customers already benefit from the ICAM & CGTech alliance

Thousands of companies already rely on ICAM and CGTech every day. Now the two companies have teamed up to create a streamlined process for our customers.

Machine tool manufacturers and distributors can also benefit

  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by offering Best-in-Class software solutions with their Best-in-Class CNC machines:
    • A great post-processor provides unparalleled control of your machine’s most advanced features. An inadequate post-processor limits machine tool capability and can even delay payment on the machine!
    • Customers can start programming even prior to machine delivery
  • Peace of mind knowing customers have crash prevention

Integrates ahead with ICAM and VERICUT

““ICAM offers the option of creating a generic post-processor using a questionnaire. […] When we order a new machine, I use the VERICUT simulation to test my post-processor in order to eliminate the worst errors even before the machine is physically commissioned.”

– CAD/CAM manager, Susanne Klamma and a CGTech and ICAM user.

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