Go from installation to in-production in record time

Post-processors, machine simulators and tool-path optimization developed in collaboration with Modig Machine Tool.

Seamlessly integrate your Modig machine into your existing manufacturing process


Custom-built posts, supporting all of your Modig machine’s unique features & capabilities.


G-Code Simulation

Factory-supplied, 100% accurate machine models provide true-to-life simulation.

Optimization Tools

Get even more performance out of your Modig machine with tool-path optimization.


Universal machining center for bar or extrusion components. Reduced cycle time up to 40-70%! Better chip flow with horizontal machining, and complete parts in one setup with no workholding.


The RigiMill Moving Table (MT) is the fixed-gantry plus moving table design. Its working envelope is suitable for shorter parts, up to 240” (6,000 mm) long. RigiMill MT provides highest quality in precision and rigidity.

MODIG HHV Bar Mill Driven by ICAM’s Integrated Post-Processor & Simulator

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No matter your specific manufacturing needs and constraints ICAM’s team of CNC Simulation & Verification specialists can provide you with the ideal solution. They will take the time to understand and evaluate your existing process in order to deliver the most powerful and refined post-processing simulation solution possible.

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