When GENER is processing the input data, you can use Step mode (F7) to step through the processing. This mode is chosen using the tool bar button or using ‘Run>>Step’.

Similar to this, there is a Step Details mode that can be accessed through the below tool bar button or through Run>>Details.


  • You can click the left mouse button in Output window to control the stepping of output so that it is one register at a time
  • It helps the user understand the register output order for the post-processor
  • When this option is deactivated, a whole new block of NC output code is output for each mouse-click (step) in the Output window
  • When this option is activated, a single register data is output for each mouse-click (step) in the Output window

Benefit to user

  • Allows the user a better understanding of output of registers if the post-processor is in testing or debugging stages
  • Leads to user creating better macros because of this

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