ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce that Agusta S.p.A. of Varese, Italy has purchased CAM-POST® Development Licenses for its Cascina Costa facility .

With the cooperation of DueZero, ICAM’s authorized dealer in Italy, Agusta S.p.A. an Agusta Westland company, will use CAM-POST behind CATIA CAD/CAM Software to develop and manufacture some of the worlds most advanced military and civilian helicopters and components in the aviation industry, including the A119 Koala, A109 Power, A109K2, A129, EH101 (jointly developed Agusta and GKN-Westland Helicopters ), AB412, Ab206, and AMD500.

“We are pleased that the advanced features of our NC post-processing solution CAM-POST will assist Agusta to satisfy the exacting demands of its customers worldwide,” says John J. Nassr, President of ICAM Technologies.

For over three decades ICAM has been contributing to the evolution of NC post-processing technology by consistently supporting the latest multi-axis NC machinery and the most advanced CNC controls. ICAM has also redefined NC post-processing by introducing new, innovative NC machining productivity tools, such as: NURBS, Arc Fitting and High Speed Machining. Manufacturers worldwide thus benefit from ICAM’s trusted “Best-in-Class” NC post-processing technology and focused expert support staff, to provide a solution tailored to their specific needs .

About Agusta S.p.A.

Created in 1923, Agusta was originally active in the design and maintenance of fixed wing aircraft. They entered the world of helicopters in 1952 after signing agreements to produce helicopters under license for some of the largest companies in the aviation industry. In addition Agusta produced independently some of most advanced helicopters of the time such as: The A101G, A106, and A109. Presently Agusta (a Finmeccanica Company) is recognized as one of the world leaders in helicopter design and development. Agusta has the ability to satisfy the most exacting requirements of both civil and military customers worldwide with models that can be adapted to the most diverse requirements that can be carried out by helicopters today.

– Information about Agusta S.p.A. is available at www.agusta.it

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