After GENER is done processing the input data, you can use the two icons below or click on File > View Tape File / File > View Listing File to view the tape and listing files.



In order for GENER to use your preferred text editor to open these files, please use the following steps.

  • By default the listing file is opened with the associated text editor for .lst files through Windows
  • To change which program is used for viewing the listing file through GENER, right-click on any .lst file, then click on ‘Properties’, and then in the ‘Properties’ window, click on ‘Change’ to choose a different program


View Tape File

  • Unlike the listing file, ‘View Tape File’ option opens the file in WordPad irrespective of what default Windows program is associated with it
  • In future, this will be updated so that it follows the Windows default extension association
  • For now, if you would like to change the viewer for the tape file, please follow these steps:
    1. Click on Start > type in regedit
    2. Browse to the following location (OR go to the appropriate location for current CAMPOST version): HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ICAM/CAMPOST/pog200/Interface/Settings3


    1. Right-click in the ‘Settings’ window and create a STRING value called “Tape Editor”4
    2. Right-click on this string and click ‘Modify’ to type in the viewer executable name5
    3. Only the name is sufficient if the executable is under the system search path. Otherwise, it should be the full path

Benefit to user
Allows the user to use their preferred text editor to view the listing and tape files from GENER.

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