Montreal – July 20, 2015 – ICAM Technologies Corp. (ICAM) and SIEMENS have signed a PLM Solution Partner Program Agreement allowing SIEMENS to extend and enhance its product suite by offering ICAM’s best-in-class Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution integrated within NX CAM.

Under the terms of this agreement, ICAM has developed a complete graphical user interface to NX CAM and its database allowing for the full integration of ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution within NX CAM. Doing this now provides a familiar and efficient environment for NC programmers to concurrently post-process, optimize tool-path and verify G-code, all within NX CAM and in one simple process.


ICAM’s Interface inside NX CAM

Adaptive Post-Processing™ is new technology developed by ICAM that changes traditional CNC programming methodology by creating a unique integrated environment for the traditional independent steps of post-processing, tool-path optimization and G-code simulation. This new methodology allows all these steps to be executed simultaneously permitting cross communication among them allowing for automatic toolpath corrections, all in one integrated process, with a single click execution.


Adaptive Post-Processing™ for Mill/Turn Applications

This integrated solution allows for the in-process evaluation of feedback from the post-processor, machining simulator and ICAM’s other tool-path optimization technologies to automatically create an optimized NC program for a target CNC machine. This occurs all in one step and in one process allowing NX users to automatically and efficiently reduce NC programming time and machining cycle times as well.

The iterative steps of the traditional serial method of tool-path creation, post-processing, machine simulation and G-code verification, most often generate errors leaving the tedious investigative work as to where the errors occurred in the hands of the NC programmer. ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution not only eliminates these errors while reducing programming time, but also allows the programmer to adopt ICAM’s philosophy to “create tool-paths for the part” as opposed to the traditional method of programming the part for the machine while worrying about its kinematics and collisions. Creating tool-paths while using Adaptive Post-Processing also eliminates the reprogramming of the part for a new target CNC machine.

“SIEMENS PLM Software is enthusiastic about the collaboration with ICAM. This agreement is the first step in the development of an integrated solution that will provide added value to our mutual customers,” Steven Hard, Software & Technology Partnerships, SIEMENS PLM Software.

“Under the SIEMENS PLM Solution Partner Program, ICAM is excited to have its best-in-class technologies fully integrated within NX CAM and accessible by the SIEMENS customers and sales channels.” says John Nassr, President of ICAM Technologies. “These are exciting times for significant changes in manufacturing productivity for all NX CAM users worldwide.”

About ICAM Technologies Corporation

For over 45 years, ICAM Technologies Corporation has been specializing in the development and implementation of advanced NC post-processing solutions for manufacturers in major industries around the world. ICAM has added an integrated machine tool simulator, Virtual Machine®, with the provision for G-Code verification driven with ICAM Control Emulator™ to its product mix that further strengthened its position in the NC manufacturing market. ICAM customers benefit from dramatic improvements to CNC machine optimization, NC programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency. ICAM’s unique technology and services provide its customers and industry partners with the competitive edge that their business operations and customers demand. For more information visit:

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