ICAM Technologies Corporation announced today the release of CAM-POST® V-12 .0. With over 75 improvements enhancements, including support for H high – S speed M machining , improved NURBS fitting, and Year 2000 compliance, this latest version of CAM-POST is designed to bring NC post-processing into the 21st century.

The most important addition to CAM-POST V-12 is enhanced support for High Speed M machining (HSM), a technology which can dramatically improve the performance of almost any NC machine. CAM-POST also features a number of other additions designed to make machining faster and more accurate, including :, an expanded expert system, more NURBS fitting, tangential arc fitting, and LINTOL rotary turnaround. improved macro capabilities,

CAM-POST now boasts two HSM methods. The first method activates High Speed Machining on HSM controls and computes the average tool velocity and machining time. The second method emulates High Speed Machining on non-HSM equipped controls without the need for retrofitting. CAM-POST also simulates or emulates overshoot and undershoot using four separate , yet complimentary, methods. To ensure that these new features are easy to set up and use, a new High Speed Machining question section has been included in the CAM-POST expert system.

CAM-POST V -12 ersion.0 has more NURBS fitting, including 4 curve output formats: Bezier, NURBS, Polynomial, and Spline. Curve fitting has undergone a number of improvements, including continuity control for shorter tape files, and new algorithms to reduce the number of points needed to describe a curve. Five dimensional curve fitting is now available with the inclusion of new options to control rotary axes and feed-rate register tolerance.

“We are very proud of CAM-POST Version 12, .0” says John J. Nassr, President of ICAM, “because with support for High Speed Machining and over 70 other improvements we’ve made a great product better. But what really makes this version special to us is how much these improvements were a direct result of client input. Through our u ser group meetings and technical support channel, o Our customers take time to define pro duct enhancements that will increase their productivity , talk to us and make suggestions because they love manufacturing a And we listen closely to their suggestions for the same reason. We’ve worked hard to open the lines of communication with our customers, and CAM-POST Version 12 .0 is a result of that progress.”

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