ICAM Technologies Corporation will be introducing Integrated PSE at IMTS 2008 at Booth D-3106.

Integrated PSE (Post-processing, Simulation and Emulation) is a new NC manufacturing methodology that allows for interactive post-processing, machine simulation and control emulation within a tightly integrated software solution which includes: CAM-POST®, Virtual Machine® and Control EmulatorTM.

Post-processing – CAM-POST® is an independent single source NC post-processing development and deployment software product supporting all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools.

Advanced forward-looking optimization features are offered in CAM-POST including path planning, rotary axes pre-positioning and winding to optimize the machining process while avoiding dwell marks, over-travel and rotary repositioning.

CAM-POST also supports advanced machine tool features such as tool-tip programming, coordinate frame transformations, NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data.

Simulation – Virtual Machine® is a comprehensive CNC machine tool simulator that enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs, easily and automatically, against collisions and over-travel.

Deploying Virtual Machine with CAM-POST provides an interactive post-processing and simulation environment that allows modeling of the physical CNC machine and detection of errors while CAM-POST calculates alternative options to optimize the generated NC code.

Emulation – Control EmulatorTM (CE)is a new software product allowing NC programmers to simulate and test NC programs using Machine Code Data (MCD) within Virtual Machine and / or CATIA / DELMIA.

Implementing Virtual Machine with CE allows NC programmers and machine operators to emulate and simulate the final MCD before running the NC program on the actual NC machine. This process enables the user to avoid costly prove-outs and reduce scrap material while increasing machine utilization on the shop floor.

“What makes Integrated PSE so unique is that NC programmers can create, simulate and optimize post-processors independently from their CAD / CAM systems within a single integrated software solution,” said Brian Francis, ICAM’s Director of Research and Development. “Integrated PSE accommodates a complete in-process or on-demand NC manufacturing environment as opposed to the existing multiple process loop currently offered by other solutions.”

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