ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its Gold Series product line of ready-to-use post-processors running behind Mastercam.

ICAM Gold Series products have been developed to support the most widely used machine tools and controllers with little or no editing required. As popular CNC machines are introduced into the marketplace, additional Gold Series post-processors will be created and posted on ICAM’s Web site at www.icam.com/Go4Gold

Gold Series post-processors are available from standard 3-Axis to 5-Axis Mill and simple Mill / Turn applications. Forward-looking optimization features such as path planning, rotary axes pre-positioning and winding are also included in this new product line.

All Gold Series post-processors include sample “art-to-part” processes demonstrating its use and are delivered with basic editing capabilities for special customer requirements.

Integrated Part Verification (tooling, fixtures, stock and part) to validate the cutting process, or Integrated Machine Simulation & Part Verification (CNC Machine model, tooling, fixtures, stock and part) to validate the complete manufacturing process may be delivered optionally with all Gold Series products.

Integrated Machine Simulation & Part Verification provide Mastercam users with the means to simulate and test NC programs against collisions and over-travel and to identify, list and display surface gouges, excess material, inaccessible areas and rapid-motion crashes at any time during the post-processing and verification phase.

“With Gold Series products, ICAM can now offer high-quality post-processing and machining simulation solutions to the Mastercam market at a competitive price,” says Sam Chehab, ICAM’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “All Gold Series posts and standard best practices material have been developed by ICAM senior applications engineers and are ready for use.”

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