Reduce CNC Machining Time by Eliminating Air-Cuts with SmartCUT

Looking to reduce your 5-axis CNC machining costs? ICAM’s innovative SmartPACK lineup is a revolutionary feed-rate & toolpath optimization suite that allows you to significantly cut down on machining and programming time by implementing powerful algorithms that make decisions for you.

A key member of the SmartPACK lineup is SmartCUT, ICAM’s solution to time-wasting air-cuts. Air-cuts are caused when the cutter head is entering and exiting the stock mutliple times in a given motion. When this occurs NC programmers will set the feed-rate to the lowest, safest feed-rate possible for the entirety of the motion, in order to reduce the risk of damaging the cutter head. Although this slow and steady approach is certainly a safe one, it takes up valuable machine cycle time. SmartCUT automatically detects these movements and switches to a RAPID motion wherever possible, reducing the overall machining time.

See SmartCUT in action in the quick demonstration video above.